Paul Schlanger

In just one year with Google Ads, Paul’s sales increased by a whopping 328%. See proof from the MLS hereDownload the case study here.


Paul needed a marketing solution to grow his real estate business. He had tried advertising on various platforms such as Zillow and, where he was guaranteed a certain number of leads per month as a premier advertiser but was disappointed with the quality and eventually quantity of leads since he was ultimately not given the number of leads guaranteed. These companies that promised him more leads at great quality came up short and were, what Paul calls, “a money pit.” As a result, he felt frustrated with not being able to control the growth of his business.

After 20 years of doing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Paul knew that attracting new prospects would require improved visibility on search engines. Google Ads delivered an effective way to attract new prospects with actual intent to buy and sell homes. With his PPC experience, Paul could confidently create effective Google Ads campaigns with a budget he felt comfortable with. As a result, he finally took control of his business and started to get leads immediately at a fraction of the cost of other advertising platforms.
Within three and a half months of advertising on Google at $500/month, Paul made his first sale and earned a $30,000 commission. He realized that the potential return on advertising with Google was huge and figured out how to target areas with properties at the price point he was looking to sell.

After his first full year of advertising on Google, Paul’s sales increased 328% to a total of $7,400,000 with a budget of $21,000 which he had made from his first sale advertising on Google. With such a significant return on investment, Paul wanted to help other realtors experience the same. As a result, RealDigiAds was born.
Group 12


Commission after advertising for three & a half months on Google.

Group 13


Sales made in one year of advertising on Google.

Group 15


Increase in sales in just one-year of advertising using Google Ads.

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