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A realtor and his client celebrating the sale of the clients home and the use of digital real estate marketing to get successfully get it done

Finding–and learning to use–the right marketing tools is critical for anyone who hopes to succeed in the competitive real estate industry. With a diversified, multi-tool marketing campaign, realtors of all kinds can improve their digital presence and build their pool of possible clients.

RealDigiAds is an excellent platform for realtors looking to improve their digital marketing outcomes. Realtors can use the RealDigiAds interface to develop effective Google Ads campaigns and attract potential buyers, sellers, and investors to their website. In addition, RealDigiAds provides  RealDigiSites (marketing funnel) to capture and nurture leads. The marketing funnel includes a lead capture IDX website, CRM and drip emails. It’s no surprise that Google Ads is becoming a more popular advertising tool with over 246 million unique visits, 3.5 billion daily interactions, and a 700 percent expected return on investment. RealDigiAds was built with all of this in mind: we make it simple to effectively use Google Ads to attract qualified visitors and potential clients to your website.

Managing and selling to your digital leads

In real estate, having a constant stream of new leads will be absolutely critical.

When prospects visit your website after clicking on your Google ad, it is critical that the material they see is exactly what they’re looking for. Perhaps surprisingly, individuals that use the internet in the homebuying process are actually more likely to use an agent when making a purchase–this is why building a robust digital footprint is so important for realtors. Luckily, RealDigiAds is here to help real estate agents manage every component of their marketing funnel.

Nearly all buyers and sellers will conduct research on the Internet before contacting a Realtor. Because Google is the most widely used search engine, it is inherently an effective platform for conducting research. Being a part of that research is the best approach to achieving success in your real estate business.

With Google Ads, agents can strategically position themselves to be discovered (and selected) by potential buyers and sellers. However, it is equally crucial to develop and maintain relationships with prospects to expand your pipeline and, eventually, conduct business with them. Fortunately, there are many excellent marketing tools that are specifically designed to offer value to and generate leads for real estate agents. Below are a few tools you’ll need to build your funnel and maximize conversions/sales from your digital marketing efforts.

Real estate internet data exchange (IDX) website

Realtors can use an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) website to present the most up-to-date and comprehensive property listing data on their real estate websites. It allows customers to easily discover properties that are located in their preferred location. The majority of IDX websites directly link to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and are generally superior to national real estate websites. For example, Zillow webpages are updated every few days, whereas Realtor IDX websites are updated every few minutes. Remember that simply creating an IDX website isn’t enough; you’ll also need to supply information that prospective buyers and sellers are looking for when they click on your ad in order to convert them or register their information.

Furthermore, you should design landing pages for each campaign you run to get the best return on investment (ROI). Landing pages are one of the most efficient methods for converting visitors into new clients. In other words, if you’re running an ad for oceanfront condos in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, your website landing page should be about oceanfront condos in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition, the page should have listings at various price points as well as other relevant information.

How RealDigiSites can transform your real estate business

Clearly, there are many different resources that real estate agents will need to utilize in order to succeed. As the real estate market becomes even more competitive, finding ways to efficiently develop holistic and synchronized real estate marketing campaigns becomes even more important.

Luckily, RealDigiSites has helped real estate agents and agencies across the world make the most of their real estate marketing budget. Now, from a single, centralized platform, these agents and agencies can:

  • Develop qualified marketing funnels that make it easy to attract and retain leads
  • Improve digital marketing outcomes with leading customer relationship management (CRM) infrastructure
  • Nurture relationships and inspire action via email drip campaigns
  • Coordinate multiple landing pages and click funnels, establishing a more robust and productive digital marketing presence
  • Reduce the amount of time, resources, and effort required to convert a possible lead into a satisfied client

No longer is it necessary to have to keep working across different platforms. RealDigiSites, along with support from RealDigiAds, can help your real estate business continue its growth and continue pushing for lasting success.


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