Google Adwords for Realtors: Google Interface vs. RealDigiAds

Real Digi Ads shows the difference between Good Ads platform and the simplicity of Real Digi Ads' platform

Google Ads interface vs. RealDigiAds: ease of use

Why should Realtors use RealDigiAds to create and manage campaigns on Google instead of going directly to the Google Ads interface? Simply, most Realtors find the Google Ads interface to be too technical and not user-friendly. There are numerous online courses available to master the fundamentals of Google Ads, but these courses only serve to shorten the learning curve.

Realtors may use the RealDigiAds interface to design effective Google Ads campaigns to attract potential buyers, sellers, and investors to their website and eventually add them as contacts. RealDigiAds professionals know the ins and outs of the Google Algorithm, as well as the most effective Google Ads configuration to generate the most leads effectively. 

Google Ads interface vs. RealDigiAds: cost

Realtors also have the option of hiring a Google Ads management company. However, this isn’t an option for all Realtors due to the cost. For example, you have a marketing budget for Google Ads of $1,500 per month. In addition to your ad spend (advertising dollars), you will pay a management fee of $500 to $1,000 per month plus 10% to 20% of your ad spend. That will significantly reduce the number of leads you will potentially receive.

Example: Traditional PPC Management Company: You have an advertising budget of $1,500 per month. You hire a PPC management company to create and manage search marketing campaigns. At the low end, your cost will be $1,500 (ad spend) + $500 (management fee) + $150 (10% of ad spend) for a total of $2,150 per month.

RealDigiAds  $1,500 ad spend + $100 subscription fee + $75 processing fee (ad spend X .05) for a total of $1,675. That’s a savings of $475 per month or $5,700 per year. 

We recommend that you start your Google Ads campaign with RealDigiAds between $16 – $20 per day. Google guarantees to never go over your monthly ad budget. Let’s say your budget is $16 per day. A Google month is 30.4 days. Your cost will be as follows: $486.40 ad spend + $24.32 processing fee (ad spend X .05) = $510.72 per month. $510.72  is your monthly budget. The RealDigiAds subscription fee is as low as $100 a month to do unlimited campaigns.

Ultimately, the cost of wasting time and money learning the platform yourself, or hiring a Google Ads manager, is astronomical compared to packages with RealDigiAds. RealDigiAds is the search marketing solution where the majority of your budget is spent on advertising, not management fees. RealDigiAds was built by Realtors for Realtors, and our pre-configured campaigns are proven to get results!

RealDigiAds is not affiliated with or a partner with Google Ads. RealDigiAds is an independently owned company & is not part of Google.


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